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Why Pursue Finance As Career

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The finance industry is constantly increasing its dimensions. As people continue to rely on credits, loans, insurance, investment, and brokerage firms, the need for finance jobs is going to keep increasing. Even though the name “Finance career” might seem hectic to a few of us, there’s still scope and high rewarding jobs available in this career field. Among the various new companies starting in their sector, finance is found to be ever-increasing, also many professionals are joining this firm every day.

Topics in this article

Why finance as career is a good option

  1. Worldwide Demand
  2. Ever-Increasing Growth
  3. Stable career option
  4. Best to offer roles
  5. Job Promotion

Financial career options

So, here are some reasons why finance can be a good career option among the various options for you:

Why finance as career is a good option

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Why Pursue Finance As Career

1.   Worldwide Demand

Do you think finance jobs are limited to the borders of a nation from which you’ve graduated? No, it goes farther than that! Because once you have completed your finance specialization and become proficient enough, you can apply for any finance job worldwide. They may ask for the experience for high-paying jobs, but once you start getting adjusted to the chair of this finance zone, you will have unlocked more opportunities worldwide.

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2.   Ever-Increasing Growth

Every career continues to expand until it reaches a certain height and then there comes inflation due to a decrease in its supply. But it is the opposite in a finance career because inflation here can be turned into a good opportunity to propose new deals and strategize how to beat it even faster. The people involved in this career usually have more intellectual and sharp brains and they tend to solve problems with a creative approach much faster. Well, this doesn’t mean you need to be the smartest of all to apply for this career, as you can constantly gain that momentum, once you start pursuing your job. Hence nowadays finance is chosen by most of the youth as a career option as it is exciting, fast-paced, and challenging.

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3.     Stable career option

Here, the word “stable” doesn’t mean your salary because a finance employee’s salary is always rewarding. So instead of it, the word “stable” here means your job position! Your job position as a finance domain employee is far more stable than other jobs out there. You won’t be at the risk of losing your job suddenly because the market of finance is always lively and people are willing to invest more nowadays, also once you tell the benefits of investments to someone who isn’t interested in finance, they may become interested. After all, who doesn’t need money for their needs, right? That’s the reason why there are many companies nowadays hiring finance employees as trainees or interns.

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4.   Best to offer roles

As we have already mentioned there are many growth opportunities in a financial career, here marks another reason for that→ You can apply for the best position which you feel you can fill perfectly, as there are a variety of options ranging from Chief finance officer to financial analyst. Don’t worry we’re going to mention 10 such finance career options in the latter part of this article which you can later research each one of them, and find the best position out of it.

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Still, some of the trending job roles in a financial career nowadays are:

  • Fintechs app developer
  • Blockchain developer
  • Data scientist
  • Machine learning engineers
  • Financial analyst
  • Compliance analyst

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5.   Job Promotion

Ideally, in many career fields, the promotion depends on the work, and the same applies to a finance job too, as employees of this field get a promotion of their post, in 2 years mostly. The financial career jobs are already well paid but once you get promoted, it’s the cherry on the top. Your salary is increased as well as your position.

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Financial career options

So, we have covered most aspects of why finance as a career count as a good option, and now we’re going to include 10 financial career options that you can consider while searching for your dream finance job:

  • Chief risk officer (CFO)
  • Credit analyst
  • Loan officer
  • Investment banker
  • Hedge fund manager
  • Financial Actuary
  • Financial Advisor
  • Risk manager
  • Portfolio manager
  • Chief financial officer

This ranking is not based on its popularity so you can go through each one of them irrespective of their ranking. On average, all these job roles give you a salary of 5 to 25 lakh per annum depending on whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate.

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So, if you are a finance graduate trying to figure out “what next” after your course is completed, or just thinking of making a financial career with a decent salary. We are indeed glad to inform you it’s feasible as we have already described before the many reasons to choose finance as a career. We hope you find your best-suited roles among the career options mentioned and have a good future in finance at a good speed.

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